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2010 Nov 16: release xsane-0.998:

  • bugfix for 16bit png format
  • removed some gtk warnings
  • removed two format string errors
  • corrected some compilation issues

2009 Feb 16: XSane compatibility to the recent sane-backends development

There has been a discussion about the SANE-2 standard since many years. A good proposal for SANE-2 has been written. But almost all software developers who created the SANE-1 standard and the SANE-1 implementation already had left the SANE project at that time. In spring 2008 some (mostly new) software developers wanted to make the next step for SANE, but they did not want to invest the necessary work and time for SANE-2. So they started working on SANE-1.1.

You may ask why is it a problem if we call it SANE-1.1 or SANE-2? The answer is simple: In the SANE-1 standard it is defined that an incompatible version needs a new major version number. So when there is anything that is not compatible to the SANE-1 standard then it has to be named SANE-2. This way the new library would be named sane2 instead of sane and it would be simple to define if a program is compatible to sane or sane2. Calling it SANE-1.1 (with library name sane) with incompatible things to SANE-1.0 will mess up everything.

Although it would have taken only a little time (about one or two days per backend) to make all sane-backends compatible to SANE-2, in spring 2008 they decided to start working on SANE-1.1. But there have been a lot of incompatible but important requests for the next step of SANE, so they tried to press a lot of incompatible things into SANE-1.1.

At this time I left the sane-backends development. I am still working on XSane, but I can not say what exactly has happend to sane-backends since then. I already got some requests to add support for SANE-1.1 features that were not compatible to the original SANE-1 standard. I hope that the self-healing-forces of free software will work, may be that already happend (I know that some other people were fighting to keep the SANE-1 standard clean and compatible). In the recent development Changelog (the one that follows 1.0.19 - I don`t know if they will call it 1.0.20 or 1.1.0) there are listed a lot of sane-1.1 changes. When it is compatible to SANE-1 why do they call it SANE-1.1? So I fear that it is not compatible to SANE-1.

If you experience any problems with XSane and sane-backends with a version number greater than 1.0.19 then this may be caused by an incompatible development of sane-backends. In this case it may be worth to try sane-backends-1.0.19 or earlier. XSane is and will keep compatible to the original SANE-1.0 standard. I will not spend any time for incompatible things that will mess up everything. When the SANE-1.1 changes are compatible to SANE-1 then there is no need to change anything in XSane.

2008 Sep 21: release xsane-0.996:

this version fixes some bugs:

  • corrected bug in PDF documents
  • viewer window does not use full screen without window frame for large images any more

2007 Nov 21: release xsane-0.995:

this version comes with some new featrues and fixes some bugs:

  • several layout changes
  • email mode: it is allowed to specify multiple mail receivers
  • scanning and conversion speed is increased on several machines
  • hang/infinite loop problem that occured with some scanners is solved
  • translation updates

2007 Mar 05: bugfix release xsane-0.994:

this version fixes two bugs

  • crash when start scanning (when no ICC/ICM scanner profile is defined)
  • postscript output does not work when printed
This version should still be considered as instable.
When color management is enabled in grayscale mode you will get error messages and strange results!

2007 Mar 04: crash with sane-0.993:

When no ICC/ICM profile is defined then xsane crahses when a scan is started. There is no way to solve this problem when color management (lcms) is not compiled in. When color management is compiled in then you can go to preferences/setup/color management and enter an ICC/ICM color profile for the scanner.
A fixed version will be released soon.

2007 Mar 03: postscript bug in xsane-0.993 found:

While appling color management support to the postscript code there was introduced a bug. The created postscript files don`t work in some cases. This also breaks the usability of the copy mode. The bug will be fixed as soon as possible. If you find any other bug please report it immediately then I can try to fix it before the next xsane release.

2007 Feb 26: xsane-0.993 source released:

This is a beta-test release.
  • A lot of color management improvements (CMS still in beta test):
    • embedded profiles for postscript and PDF
    • convert to sRGB
    • convert to working color space
  • 12 bits/channel support for postscript
  • usage of new gtk_file_chooser
  • added browse function for project directories
  • removed bug in e-mail mode
You may be interested in the Adobe ICC profiles for linux

2007 Feb 11: e-mail bug in xsane-0.992 found:

XSane tells you the mail has been sent but in fact it was not accepted by the mailserver. So you think the mail has been sent but it has not been sent!
The bug will be fixed in xsane-0.993, but I still have to do some work on xsane-0.993 before it will be released.
When you need the email mode of xsane please use xsane-0.991 until xsane-0.993 is released.

2007 Jan 25: xsane-0.992 source released

The most important change is rudimentary color management support. Some bugs and compiler warnings have been fixed.
Please consider this version as beta-code, it may crash or produce unexpected results, especially with color management enabled.

2006 Jan 29: xsane-0.991 OS/2 binary released by Franz Bakan

2006 Jan 28: xsane-0.991 WIN32 binary released

2006 Jan 23: xsane-0.991 source released

This version contains some bugfixes.

2006 Jan 09: xsane-0.99 source released

This version can create multipage documents and contains an improved automatic document feeder (ADF) handling, ASMTP support and some bugfixes.

2005 Dec 04: xsane-0.98b WIN32-binary released

It took me a lot of time to create this version. It is compiled with gtk+-2.8.7, the gimp-plugin is compiled with gimp-2.2.9. Short tests looked very well.

2005 Dec 03: xsane-0.98b source released

It contains the following bugfix that you simply can apply by hand:
file src/xsane-front-gtk.h:
     extern int xsane_set_resolution(int well_known_option, double resolution);
     extern double xsane_set_resolution(int well_known_option, double resolution);

2005 Nov 22: xsane-0.98a source released

This version contains a bugfix for the gimp plugin.

2005 Nov 20: xsane-0.98 source released

This version contains several bugfixes and improvements like PDF and compressed postscript support.

2005 Jan 22: xsane-0.97 source released

This version contains some bugfixes.

2004 Sep 06: xsane-0.96 source and WIN32-binary released

This version contains several bugfixes and improvements, especially for the fax mode and the email mode.

When you update from xsane-0.93 or earlier then please remove the configuration file ~/.sane/xsane/xsane.rc before you start xsane the first time.

Author: Oliver Rauch
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