Making a donation... my private wish list

Saying thank you...

If you want to make a donation here you find a list of (some of) my wishes.

Some people asked how to donate money. I am the only one who is working on XSane and there are no people I do pay for this work. I do not feel good when I am paied for XSane. If you want to do a little donation may be you find someting in the following list. If you have any other ideas for donation please ask or when you think it is a good idea just send it.

My wish list:

  • A simple, low-cost and nice idea: send a postcard from home or holiday
  • a lotterie fortune
  • Please do not send any sweets, I already eat too much of them!

My address:

Please use the following address and don`t forget to add your email address somewhere so that I have the chance to find out who you are. It would be nice when you tell me the type of the scanner, the sane-backend, the operating system and the hardware/cpu you use.


I say thanks to:

  • Micha Holzmann, Germany
  • Mogens Jaeger, Denmark
  • Douglas Lawson, USA
  • Andrew Crouthamel, USA
  • Gerhard Wyrwoll, Germany
for making a donation.

Author: Oliver Rauch