Color management setup


XSane mode: xsane-target
Scan options

Medium selection

Color management

Color correction:
Standard options window

Advanced options window

Batch scan:

You open the setup window via the menu preferences/setup in the main window of xsane.


Black point compensation:

Do black point compensation when color transformation is done.

Rendering intent:

Select rendering intent for preview and saving. This selection is also used as default for the viewer.

Scanner default ICM profile:

Select scanner color ICM profile. This is the most important profile because this is the one that is generally used.

Scanner default gray ICM profile:

Select scanner grayscale ICM profile.

Display ICM profile:

Select display ICM profile. This profile is important for the preview and the viewer. When you do not have a profile for your display then you can select sRGB what should produce usable output.

Custom proofing ICM profile:

When you want to do proofing for an output device that is not defined as printer in the copy setup then you can select the ICM profile of this device here.

Working color space ICM profile:

When you want to work in a different color space than sRGB then you can select the ICM profile of your prefered color space.

Author: Oliver Rauch