E-mail mode


XSane mode: xsane-target
Scan options

Medium selection

Color management

Color correction:
Standard options window

Advanced options window

Batch scan:

In the e-mail mode images are scanned and sent by e-mail.



HTML e-mail:

Select if the e-mail is sent as html e-mail or as text e-mail. In text e-mail the images are appended to the e-mailfile. In html e-mail you can place the image at any position by adding the tag < IMAGE > at the place of the e-mail text where the image shall be displayed. The images are displayed in the same order as they are listed in the attachments.

E-mail image filetype:

You can select the type of the image files that are attached to the e-mail. Select PNG, JPEG or TIFF. Pay attention that the size of the images depends on the content of the pictures and on the filetype.

Show image:

Open the viewer and display the selected image.

Rename image:

Rename the selected image.

Delete image:

Remove the selected image from the e-mail project.

Send project:

Send e-mail, all images are attached to the e-mail.

Delete project:

Delete the complete project. The e-mail text and the image files are erased.

Author: Oliver Rauch